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All the videos below can also be found on the TacklingPovertyNZ Playlist on the McGuinness Institute Channel on YouTube.

TacklingPovertyNZ: Presentation of the 2015 workshop booklet at the New Zealand Treasury
3 March 2015, Treasury

TacklingPovertyNZ: Finale Presentation
9 December 2015, Parliament

TacklingPovertyNZ: A brief insight into the workshop
7 – 9 December 2015, The New Zealand Treasury

This video provides a brief insight into the TacklingPovertyNZ workshop. Over 72 hours, participants engaged with and learnt from policy analysts within the New Zealand Treasury, key people in the wider community and individuals who have experienced poverty first-hand. The discussions aimed to build a shared understanding of the complexities surrounding the current policy landscape, matching knowledge with public policy tools. This eight minute video showcases some insightful moments from the workshop.

TacklingPovertyNZ: Workshop Speakers Videos

Session one: Welcome

Kristie Carter and Anne-Marie Brook

Session two: A Practical Perspective

Dame Diane Robertson on the complexities of being poor

David Rutherford on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Craig Smith on the link between crime and poverty

Chris Theobald on the relationship between racial discrimination and poverty

Suzanne Snively

Session three: An Economic Perspective

Dr Eric Crampton on how to tackle poverty

Geoff Lewis on how to tackle poverty

Dr Ganesh Nana on how to tackle poverty

Max Rashbrooke on how to tackle poverty

Awerangi Tamihere on how to tackle poverty

Session six: Q & A with Tim Jackson

Transcript: Skype session with Professor Tim Jackson

20160623 Interview with Tim jackson [Front Page]

Session seven: The stress-test panel share their perspectives

Councillor Tania Tapsell on how to tackle poverty

Shaun Sutton on how to tackle poverty

Janell Dymus-Kurei on how to tackle poverty

Sachiko Shimamoto on how to tackle poverty

Shay Wright on how to tackle poverty

Emma Thompson

TacklingPovertyNZ: Analysing income poverty in New Zealand

This video has been published to illustrate one aspect of poverty in New Zealand – relative income poverty. McGuinness Institute interns Ali Bunge and Callum Webb use Lego to explain the proportion of people in New Zealand who live in poverty through a range of metrics.

Sources: The data utilized for the video is taken from the Ministry of Social Development’s 2015 report: ‘Household Incomes in New Zealand: Trends in indicators of inequality and hardship 1982 to 2014’.

In making this video, Ali and Callum applied the Ministry of Social Development’s definition of ‘poverty lines’:

  • 0:27 The BHC thresholds are set at ‘60% of the 2007 median HH income… and adjusted forward and back by the CPI. AHC thresholds are set at 25% less than the corresponding BHC thresholds, as an allowance for average housing costs.’ See page 23.

The statistics in the video used the 60% AHC thresholds from:

  • 1:21 Table F.4 ‘Percentage of whole population below selected thresholds (AHC).’ As at 2014, 60% contemp median. See page 99.
  • 1:29 ‘On average over the two surveys HES 2013 and 2014, using the AHC 60% anchored line measure, 12% of European/Pakeha, 26% of Maori, 25% pacific… were in households with income below this line.’ See page 112.
  • 2:15 Table G.6A ‘Poverty rates and poverty composition by highest household educational qualification: averages over HES 2012 to 2014, using the AHC 60% of median threshold measure, anchored in 2007 individuals under 65.’ See page 113.

AHC After (deducting) housing costs
BHC Before (deducting) housing costs
CPI Consumer Price Index
HES Household Economic Survey
HH Household

You can download the full report at here.