2016 One-day Workshop Tour

One of the observations made by participants at the 2015 TacklingPovertyNZ workshop was that poverty in New Zealand is too complex an issue to be overcome with a blanket solution. Instead, solutions must be sought at a local level to acknowledge that poverty has vastly differing consequences for people in different areas of New Zealand. This is a daunting prospect, requiring an enormous amount of difficult and rigorous work. As a first step in this direction, TacklingPovertyNZ has toured the country with a series of one-day workshops specifically designed to provide a platform for local voices to address poverty.


2016 TacklingPovertyNZ Workshop Tour locations and dates:

The tour is now completed. Please click the links above to find the outputs from each workshop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the McGuinness Institute on (04) 499 8888, or email us at tacklingpovertynz@mcguinnessinstitute.org. You can also register to receive our newsletters or join our events mailing list.